What Is Twitter and How You Can Use It


“What is Twitter and how can you use it?” You most likely are asking this question and that’s why you are reading this. Despite it having being around for many years and growing in popularity, many people still don’t know what Twitter really is. Some who do only know the basic minimum. Due to not knowing or limited knowledge, many individuals as well as firms are missing out on great opportunities to increase their popularity, market their goods and services, and also create a loyal group of followers.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is among the most popular social networking and microblogging sites today. Millions of people all over the world use the site to send tweets (short posts that are broadcast or shared by its registered members), post micro-blogs, and much more. Though started several years ago, this site is ranked among the most popular with thousands of new users joining it on a daily basis. In addition to sharing content, members also use tweets to follow others or ask other people to follow them, The service is available through multiple devices and platforms such as desktop, Twitter.com website, laptops, tablets, smartphones, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

How Can You Use It?

Twitter which is a free social networking and microblogging sites come with many uses. Unlike other popular social network sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, Twitter’s default setting is public. This means that anyone can follow or connect with any other user without first seeking approval from a particular social circle or network. To join the conversation, a person simply uses the “Hashtag” to connect and participate in a topic of conversation. The Hashtag (#) serves as the Meta tag and is attached to the keyword or topic of discussion.

Twitter allows you to follow other people especially those who you share the same mindset. It also allows you to let your views known by joining in a discussion through the hashtag. As a registered member of the social site you can also customize your profile to make it standout or more representative of who you are and your views. By building a community of followers you can also use Twitter to market your products or services. Linking your website or blog site to your twitter account also improves your visibility.

What Are Its Benefits?

Twitter comes with a range of benefits to an individual as well as companies. Of course the key benefit is social engagement where people get to interact online. The other advantage is that it can help in SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing the page ranking of your web or blog site. You can also use twitter to build a brand as well as loyal followers.

Twitter is more than just a platform where you send tweets, follow others, or join in the conversation. If used properly, the free microblogging and social networking site can help grow and improve your business. In fact, it has become one of the most effective online or social marketing tools. However, to enjoy its great benefits, you need to apply a proven strategy and also keep up with any changes. Furthermore, you need to constantly engage your followers by replying back on time, and providing them with fresh and unique content. Twitter is also useful in gathering information about a service or product.

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