Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Close to 70% of listed businesses have an official Twitter account to keep in touch with their clients. But not everyone knows hot to deploy this account to bolster the Company-Client relationship and enhance their brand value. With a little practice and a good understanding of the following "Twitter Marketing Dos and Don'ts", you will be drawing new customers to your business in no time. Here is what you need to grasp:


Whilst Twitter can be best used to present updates and info about your business to your followers, it can also be used to engage with them. Barring the Tweeting, you can use your account to retweet the tweets of other relevant people in your business area. A Positive reply to someone's tweet or joining a healthy conversation related to your business topic is a wonderful way to interact on Twitter. This also helps you to gain followers as well as extend the reach of your account.

Mix things up:
Just because it is an official business account does not mean that it has to be "all business". Besides posting promotional tweets, you can also exhibit your interactions with clients (like retweeting an encouraging review that some customer has tweeted). You can also interact with other big shots in your business using @replies. Or else, you can also post inspirational quotes that exhibit your brand's principles.

Make sure that you add a link to your company's official web page in the Bio section of Twitter. Also, ensure that your official website has a Twitter button that redirects to your twitter account. A "Follow me on Twitter" link can be placed so that the clients are more likely to click on it and ideally, follow you. This allows you to promote both your twitter account and your web page simultaneously.


Do not Tweet Tactlessly:

Above all, be careful before you post something on twitter or for that case, any social media platform. You are free to post whatever you want on your personal Twitter account, but what you tweet on your company's official twitter page must reflect the image and ideals of the brand. Stick to the professional tone when you are not sure and focus on what the company is all about and only post relevant stuff.

Do not Interact Negatively:

Never pull someone's leg on an open discussion or get involved in an argument over Twitter. If you feel you are being provoked by other company's tweets or any other person, it is best to ignore them. In case, you face a disappointed customer who vents out his anger on twitter, the best course of action is to provide details of your Customer relations department and assure them that his/her problem will be addressed. This shows that your company truly cares about its customer concerns and at the same time, takes off the negative discussion on Twitter.

Do not Tweet Sporadically:

You do not want customers looking over your company's twitter account only to realize that the last tweet was done a few months ago. Make sure that the account looks up-to-date and fresh by tweeting regularly at least twice a week. Update relevant tweets and retweets on a daily basis whenever possible but make sure that you stay on track.

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