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During the explanation of these principles we will avoid getting bogged down in too many specifics, and we will try to stay concentrated on a comprehensive approach to experiencing revival.  There are two main reasons for this.  First of all, some specifics are simply too obvious to place in the list.  For example, things like prayer will not be discussed in detail because it is assumed that we are praying, and that we recognize the need to pray at all times and for all things.  We were born in prayer, and nothing is able to replace seeking God in humble supplication.  The will of God is sought, found, and sealed in prayer.  To mention it as a principle of revival, however, would miss the bigger picture.  Where would we place prayer in the list anyway?  Is it first?  Is it in the middle?  In reality, it belongs at the heart of every one of the six principles. 

Secondly, sometimes the specific fits neatly inside one or more principles.  In other words, the principle is just clearly larger than the specific.  Spiritual worship is an example of this.  It falls naturally under the principle of A Balanced Ministry.  The principle here is bigger than the specific of worship.  Worship is discussed in the principle as one of the many parts of a balanced ministry in a church.  Another example would be that of teaching home bible studies.  Someone might say that it is a principle of revival, but there is actually a principle that includes bible study that is larger than the specific.  In our study, we will consider the importance of home bible study training in the principle called Equipping The Saints.  What about preaching the gospel?  Isn’t that one of the main principles of a revival?  After all, Paul wrote in Romans 1:21, “…it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” Therefore, someone might conclude that preaching should be included in the list.  It certainly has its place in many things that we do, but to limit it to one place would again be to miss the bigger  picture.  Preaching will fall under principles like Vision, Equipping, A Balanced Ministry, and The Best Use Of Gifts And Talents.  Once more, these principles are bigger than the specific of preaching.  What do we preach?  How is it presented, and by whom?  When is it most effective?  These and other points must be considered in terms of integrating the ministry of preaching into the immense subject of revival and harvest.

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