Taking Ownership Of the Vision

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This is a tremendously important step in a local church or a national organization. This speaks of the time when the membership begins to become part of the vision too.  It is no longer just a “dream” expressed by the pastor or the national or regional leadership.  It now becomes a global vision as well.  Now the members can start to respond to the prompting of the Spirit even more completely because they know where He is taking the Church.  When this begins to take place, the members stop asking, “What is the vision?” and start declaring, “This is our vision!”  They have seen it, they believe it, and they become part of it. 

If this does not take place, there are most likely two possible reasons.  Firstly, it could be the case of a good leader trying to cast the vision to people that simply will not receive it.  In other words, he is trying to work with the wrong people!  Secondly, it is possible that good people find themselves under the authority of a leader who simply does not have the vision at all, and therefore is unable to communicate it to anyone.  Let us strive to ensure that neither is the case in our assemblies.  We need men and women of spiritual vision. 


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