Social Media Branding Law 6: Work on Building Trust More Than Anything


It can be easy to think you need to use social media as a direct way to make more sales. However, it doesn’t usually work out well when you see it that way!

Instead, see every post you make as one more way to build trust with your target audience. Every image you post, link you share or quote that motivates them brings you one step closer to being trusted. And with trust comes loyalty, support (they will spread your cause for you!) and, ultimately, sales!

Always Add Value

Every time you post, ask yourself this: “am I adding value to my follower’s life?” It doesn’t have to be anything really profound, it could be as simple as bringing a smile to their face. But regularly asking yourself this question will ensure you’re doing your very best by your followers.

Geat Expectations

If a customer has a single great experience with you then that’s a good start. However, real trust and loyalty comes when your customers know that they can expect a great experience from you all the time. And that idea doesn’t just come from their own experience – it comes from other customer experiences too.

How do your followers know what other customers have experienced? By what they say to and about you on social media, and how you reply! Of course you’re going to run into some issues from time to time, but if you aim to do your very best with every social media interaction, that will shine through.

Dont Forget Your Current Customers

Many business owners think that social media branding is all about getting new customers, but it’s also about connecting with your current ones! A loyal customer is far easier to sell to than a brand new one, so don’t forget current customers in your social media branding strategy.

Think of it this way: if someone has bought something for you, if you help them put it to its best use then they are far more likely to come back from you and buy something else. So make a point of sharing tips, advice and inspiration aimed specifically at people who have already bought from you.


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