Should You Handle Your Social Media Tasks Yourself?

If you're in the process of building up a social media presence, you may have thought about whether you should hire a social media manager or handle everything yourself. Both approaches have their own pros and cons, and what works well for one business may not necessarily be the best approach for another.

Before you even start thinking about handling everything yourself, consider whether you actually enjoy participating on social media or not. If you don't, you'll most likely find it difficult to keep up with for a longer period of time. Lack of enthusiasm may also make your posts and updates less interesting to fans and followers, meaning your approach will not be as effective as if you had outsourced it to a social media manager. On a similar note, if you know you have little patience to deal with difficult people, taking on these responsibilities may prove risky. All it takes is one incident not handled well and the reputation of your business may suffer.

You should also take into consideration whether you think you'll have the time for it. Social media can be quite time-consuming, especially if your goal is to respond quickly and update your properties more than once per day. Even if it only takes an hour per day, that's still time that might have been better spent doing other tasks. It's just not the time directly spent on updating and posting either, but also the time required to stay current on trends and new techniques in the social media world.

Something else to think about is whether you actually deem social media important enough to your business that you want to spend money on a social media manager. Even if you get someone who's inexpensive and only works a few hours per week, it's still money you could've used for something else (advertising, for example). On the other hand, while social media may not be that important to you right now, what about the near future? If you think it may increase in importance, perhaps it would be a good idea to start focusing on it as soon as possible?

Whatever you decide to do, it's usually a good idea to run things yourself at least in the very beginning, so you know how everything works and can communicate effectively with your social media manager (should you decide to get one). Otherwise you risk not being able to devise a successful strategy with them.

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