RV Storage Is A Big Deal

For those who travel full time in their RV, storage is a big deal. This article will offer up a few tips on how to make the most of the storage available in your coach.

The vast majority of travel trailers have pass through storage in the front, some storage underneath the bed and cabinets.

Containers will become your new best friend. A well-organized container can hold a great deal more than just throwing things loosely into a compartment. Organize your containers with clearly marked outside the container, winter clothes, kitchen, tools, etc..

Measure the compartments in your coach and then venture out and find containers that will stack in like dominos in a box. Keep things like winter items in the back of the storage space if its summer or vice versa. With a little planning you can get more in your coach than you might think.

Here is a list of great space saving items:

  • Stackable Storage Containers.
  • Vacuum Storage Bags.
  • Over the door hangers or hanging storage containers.
  • Hooks that secure items in the underbelly storage, shovels, brooms.
  • Stackable Kitchen Bowls, one inside the other.
  • Cabinet organizers for plates, cups and other dishes.
  • Hooks inside cabinets to hold mugs, and other items that will hang.
  • Hanging pantry or wardrobe.
  • Bedside Caddy for books, glasses, remotes.
  • Organizing baskets in drawers to keep things neatly stowed.

A real space saver for clothes, roll up t-shirts, shorts, sox, and casual wear. Simply fold t-shirts in half long ways and roll them up. You will be amazed at how much space this saves. Using vacuum storage bags will also save large amounts of space. Winter sweaters, coats, sweat shirts all become nice and small in a vacuum bag.

Fifth Wheels offer much more storage space for virtue of size. The underbelly storage is typically huge.

Just as we discussed containers are key to being organized. Measure the underbelly storage and buy containers that will largely fill the space.  

Taking time to plan what you need in your RV, what can be stored in the underbelly or other storage areas on the coach. Keep a list of what is where. As said before clearly mark the container, if possible you can purchase clear containers for visual ques.

Storing food in your coach what to put where for easy access, the bulk of can goods could be stored in the underbelly in a container. Keeping indoor cabinets open for items that need to be stowed in climate controlled areas.

If you think about storage like a giant puzzle, what fits where snug and with ease. Pick out cabinets inside your coach for everyday use items. You will find this to be a huge help.

Take time to plan out how to utilize every inch of your trailer without noticeable clutter throughout the coach. Organize with thought to what is needed every day to what is needed less often and stack in accordingly. 

  • You may find some great ideas for starage containers on pinterest.com
  • When travelling look for The Container Store, they have many really nice storage containers

Do you have any special tips or tricks to offer?


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