Receiving The vision

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The last aspect to look at in this first principle of revival is in regards to whether or not the vision is getting to the “target.”  The vision, after all, is not just for the leadership, it is for the church as a whole.  Every congregation should share in the vision, and every member should in turn join with the vision.  As said before, not everyone will actually be willing or ready to receive, but our goal is to cast the vision so abundantly that anyone could become part of it.  There is an effective way of knowing whether or not this is happening.  At any stage in the six revival principles, we can use the principle that follows it to make this determination.  In other words, to know whether or not the vision is indeed being cast and received we can look at the next principle in the chain, “Equipping the Saints.”  As the membership begins to see the necessity of being equipped for the work of their ministry and starts to receive the tools given them, then we can feel assured that we are effectively broadcasting the vision to the local or national church. 

Another way of knowing that the vision is being properly communicated and received is in seeing whether or not those that have already received it are passing it on to others.  This is ultimately what we will be looking for to happen.  This signals that the church membership is really getting a good hold on what the Lord is trying to communicate through the leadership. 

A final way of determining that the vision cast is hitting the target is seen when those other than leaders begin to share their own experiences in the vision.  Some will testify how the Lord is using them according to the vision, and others may begin to add to the vision through their own talents, ministries, and spiritual insight. 


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