Ministry Basics – Lesson 3

Lay Ministers and The Local Church
Submitted by Evangelist Cliff Hilton
Dealing with Frustrations in Ministry
1. Many times, over the course of ministering in any facet of ministry, fatigue, feelings, or frustration may set in.

A. How you deal with these will determine your maturity in God and your ability to be used by God.

B. The area of frustration with people often brings a person to the place of wanting to give up. This may seem like a fix to the problem of frustration, but it isn't. When people make choices to back off on ministry due to frustration, it is very hard for that person to get back to the place of being used.

2. Many mistake the pastor's persuasion for them to stay in a ministry, is because of his own need . In actuality, it's not because of the pastor's need, it's because of the need of the person to be involved so they do not become stagnant.

A. Any ministry that you are handed is a privilege and a responsibility. It's not necessarily given because there is no one else to do it. It's given because God(through the man of God) chose you for the task.

B. Ministry, lest we forget is about people. It's about building up the body of Christ, and it's about reaching for hurting people. It's not about ourselves. When we begin to allow our frustrations to get in the way of our ministry, we put ourselves and our feelings above the Body of Christ and the people who attend our services that are hurting. Ministry is about putting our feelings, our frustrations, and our fatigue last in order that God's will be done in our services.

3. No matter how tired I may feel, I still must carry out the will of God and do the best in my ministry that I can do.

A. Fatigue is a part of ministry. You are human. You will get tired, but no matter how tired you are, there are still people who need to be ministered to. Fatigue is not a valid excuse to quit.

4. Ministry is not for the light hearted. If you can't handle your feelings getting hurt, you will not make it in ministry. Even when your feelings are hurt, you are called to minister. Ministers must be above offense. This does not mean they won't be offended, it means they wont allow offense to impair their ministry. Your feelings will be hurt because you deal with people everyday. This is a people business. With that comes selfish, cynical people, and they hurt feelings. Be mature and love them anyway. Hurting people hurt people. Minister to them.

5. Be careful not to judge people. You don't know what counsel they are going to, and you may not be privy to all that your pastor has dealt with in their lives. People that are looking for the pastor to judge others and correct them publicly are usually the people who will eventually need the love and mercy of a pastor in their own lives.

A. The apostles, in their own righteous indignation wanted to call fire down from heaven and slay the ungodly, but Jesus rebuked them because of their desires to use the power of God so immaturely.

1. No matter how mean people are, how frustrated you become with them; no matter how bad they hurt you, they still need to be ministered to.

2. Look for a reason to minister to them, not an excuse to dismiss the burden God has given you for them by discarding them.