Believers Boot Camp Lesson 5

Believers Boot Camp (Ephesians) – Part 5

The Lord Jesus Christ has already defeated our Enemy hands down. However, He has left it up to us to enforce every day in earth’s trenches the victory He has won in the Heavenlies. The book of Ephesians serves as a Believers Boot Camp, teaching us that the church is equipped with vast spiritual weaponry in order to accomplish this very task. Victory is ours if we fight for it! Ephesians is serious training for serious Christians.

When people become Christians one of the hardest things to do is to RETRAIN them not to continue to operate according to the world system. It took one night to get Israel out of Egypt, but forty years to get Egypt out of them. There is always a battle between the NEW MAN and the OLD MAN. And that is why we need teaching like Paul gives to us in Ephesians.

5:1 – “followers of God” – the basic idea of Christianity is to IMITATE CHRIST (do outwardly for others what He has done inwardly for you)

5:2 – don’t put all the blame on God for your shortcomings – you need to put YOUR FLESH on the altar as a sacrifice – just like Jesus did

5:3 – “fornication” – all kinds of sexual sin

5:4 – “filthiness” – don’t talk dirty / “foolish talking” – don’t talk silly

5:5 – “idolater” – idolatry is putting anything else before God in my life

5:8 – “children of light” = “native to the light”

5:11 – “unfruitful works” – when we are born again, the enemy has no right to reproduce his fruit in our lives anymore

5:11 – “reprove” = expose, rebuke, discipline, convict, correct and expel – there can be no compromise with the unfruitful works of darkness – shine the light on them and purge them!

5:12 – when you SPEAK of something you MAGNIFY (intensify) it – that’s why this generation is worse than any previous generation, because they have put immorality in “public” more than any generation before them – when you speak of something, it reproduces because you give it permission to exist – but the good news is that this works for good things too!

5:14 – if you are a Christian, don’t let the world lull you to sleep!

5:15 – “circumspectly” = carefully, purposefully, worthily, accurately

5:16 – “time” = “kairos” (special moments of God’s visitation) – not “chronos” (time measured by the clock)

5:18 – there are many parallels between the intoxication of wine and the intoxication of the Spirit (!) – they were mistaken for being DRUNK on the Day of Pentecost – you lose your inhibitions under Holy Ghost influence!

5:19 – speaking and singing TO YOURSELF – not just listening to OTHERS speak and sing about God – this is real relationship!

5:21 – God has chosen submission as the principle of the kingdom that sets the tone for ALL relationships

SUBMISSION is when you give up your will for mine (“sub-mission” – your mission under my mission) – there is no submission when there is not disagreement or conflict (that is not submission, that is just agreement)


– marriage is not the issue here, the “mystery” is the issue – God wants you to make your marriage a sacrifice unto Him so that people who do not see the “mystery” can see your marriage, and through seeing your marriage understand the “mystery” of Christ and His church!

– both the man and the woman are deeply challenged here to “play their part” – wives submit like the church, husbands love like Christ – God says, “in the process of you struggling to play your roles, you will appreciate even more what I have done for you”

– the only way a marriage can survive for years is for the man to crucify his flesh and for the wife to make her flesh submit (“not my will but thine”)

5:26 – Christ loved something that He had to keep working on, but He didn’t leave it – that is the pattern for Christian marriage!

5:28 – to the degree you love your wife, you love yourself; to the degree you hate your wife, you hate yourself

5:29 – “nourisheth” = “to feed” / “cherisheth = “to esteem”

– the most intimate relationship I have on earth is what God wants to use to portray His relationship with His church – God wants to use our HOUSE to preach to our COMMUNITY – who we are at home is who we really are

5:33 – commands are different – husbands LOVE and wives REVERENCE (“respect”)

When Satan tempted Eve, he was trying to get to Adam. Satan doesn’t dare attack God directly (he already did that and lost!), so he attacks the church. If he can destroy our unity, he can hinder the work of God on earth.

When a man and a woman “connect” they produce fruit – just like God and His church – that’s why the serpent attacked their union in Eden

The church is both the bride of Christ and the body of Christ – Eve was both the bride and the body of Adam (flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone).

The fall of humanity didn’t take place when Eve was deceived and ate. It took place when Adam deliberately and intentionally ate. Eve was DECEIVED, but Adam DECIDED – and it was his decision that caused the fall of humanity.

The sins we commit that are borne of deception do not strike at the very nature of our relationship with God. These sins are readily confessed, repented, and cast aside. But the sins we commit out of our will – as a conscious decision and plan of action – are destructive and deadly to our relationship with God.

When Adam and Eve both entered into a state of death, everything under their domain came under death. That’s what a kingdom is – a domain over which you have dominion. It is what you rule and govern. And when a king falls, his kingdom falls with him.

When Eve took the forbidden fruit, Adam knew she was going to die – he said, “I love her so much I am willing to die with her,” and he ate too.

The first Adam’s mistake was that he loved the GIFT more than he loved the GIVER. Everything they produced after that and everything they had domain over fell too!

In God’s eyes there were only two men ever created – the first Adam and the second Adam – and everything else was born of one of them!

God brought forth a Bride out of the first Adam, and God brought forth a Bride out of the second Adam (out of his side came blood and water).

The first Adam said “since my wife is going to die, I’ll die with her” – but the second Adam said “since my wife is already dead, I’ll die FOR her!” (substitutionary sacrifice)

Sin is not normal behavior for the believer. Sin is never to be routine for the believer. Sin is not inevitable for the believer. We are set free!