Introduction – The Foundation of Success

Success is often associated with accomplishments or obtaining things such as lots of money, material possessions, or high positions of power. The more you have, the more successful you are viewed by the people around you. Have you considered what success is in God’s eyes?  Let’s talk about the world’s view of success compared to God’s view as found in the Bible.

According to the dictionary success is:

  • the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
  • the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

This definition of success is based on tangible things and what other people think of you. There is a path to success that is TRUE and founded upon God’s word. Success for the believer is based on the Word and not attempts at gaining worldly popularity or material gain. Success in God is not temporal; it is not temporary and doesn’t fade, even if your worldly accomplishments fade. 

To understand true success we need to gain knowledge of some basic principles that can help us as we strive for success in God’s eyes!

These principles are things that we need to practice daily. Not just sometimes, but DAILY! Using these principles will ensure that true success becomes a normal part of your everyday routine.

God’s Word is your manual for life. As you begin to use it as your foundation, you will start building everything you do on the principles in God’s Word. The principles shared in this series begin and end with God in mind. This is where true success begins – in our yielding every part of our daily lives over to the Lord.

There are many principles found in the Word that provide us with the keys to true success. Everything from becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ to understanding the vision, or the dream, He has given each of us. In this series, we will discover seven of these practical principles for success in life, business, and everything else you may deal with daily. 

Be encouraged to not just read, but to apply what you learn through these principles. Write them down and place them next to your desk, bed, or anywhere that will allow you to see them daily.

Enjoy reading!

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