Celebrate Wormanhood

wormAll men are worms (Job 25:6).

It’s a lowly station, but there’s no denying this scriptural classification includes you and me. With that in mind, ladies, for the duration of this article, we shall call ourselves wormen, a linguistic blend of women and worm, as we examine lessons from the sisterhood of wiggling worms.

LESSON 1: You are a cherished creation of God.

Everything God makes is good (Genesis 1:31), and most of His creation agrees. Look at Anna the earthworm. She thinks her segments are sweet and her shape is totally tubular. Fluffy is fine for Wanda the woolly bear worm; while Sally silkworm thinks her fibers are fabulous. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For wormen, the most important Beholder is our Creator!

You are the worm in the apple of God’s eye. He keeps you “as the apple of His eye” (Deuteronomy 32:10). The word translated apple means “pupil” or “little man of the eye.” God has His eye on you. He looks beyond your present worminess and sees His lovely Bride. You, precious worman, are the reflection in God’s adoring eye.

LESSON 2: Accept yourself; God does.

God made us one by one. He spoke creation into existence, but reached into dirt with divine fingers to fashion mankind. Since that time, He has wonderfully “knit” every person individually in their mother's womb (Psalm 139:13-14, NIV).

God knew you and I would never be perfect, still He made us. You may not be Wonder Worman, but God made you wonderful! As you mature and grow in God, work in harmony with the talents and passions you discover within. Thank God for your “haves” and don’t focus on “have nots.” Utilize and develop your gifts and abilities to their potential.

Once wormen understand we have unique purposes in God’s Kingdom, we can live more fulfilled, peaceful lives. I’m not talking about ignoring our flaws and limitations, but when it comes to the unchangeable (species, bone structure, artistic ability, etc.), we can choose to make the best of what God has provided. Remember, Jesus loves you, and so should you.

LESSON 3: There’s no comparison.

Most of my growing up years I wanted to be someone else. My older sister was beautiful, talented, and skinny to boot. Then there was Rhonda, the gorgeous cheerleader with the perfect hair and porcelain complexion. Every boy in Lone Oak High would have done back flips down the hallway to get her attention. Oh, to be like the beautiful people . . .

It’s human nature to compare, even as adults, but it’s not wise (2 Corinthians 10:12). God made us to be one-of-a-kinds—originals (Ephesians 2:10). He could have used a heavenly press to shoot people out in identical shapes and sizes in uniform color and flavor, but He likes variety; so He made you.

Live your life to the fullest. You won’t be a happy “you” if you’re trying to be someone else. In the times you feel dissatisfied, remind yourself that you are God’s unique creation. He loves you, is with you, and is for you!  If others make you feel lower than a worm’s belly, learn to live above their opinions and under God’s. 

LESSON 4: Be your redeemed self.

Spending time and energy trying to be something or someone we’re not can damage relationships with God and others. Be your redeemed self (not your carnal self). See the beauty of God’s handiwork at every stage of development in your life. Thankfully, God isn’t finished working on us; but that doesn’t mean He’s finished with us. You are who you are, and God knows you and loves you unconditionally each step along your journey. You can be real with Him and others—not a fake, plastic worman.

If there are broken things in your life that need healing, allow God access to work in those areas. At the same time, don’t make them your primary focus. Rejoice in what God has already done and His promises for the future. When you mess up, and we all mess up, don’t give up—get up!

Each person has external and internal triggers that can send them spiraling downward if they’re not careful. Jesus came to set captives free, and if you’ve been held captive by past hurts or your own thoughts about yourself, God wants you to truly overcome and walk in victory!

LESSON 5: Indulge in wormatherapy.

Among worms, one might be considered more attractive than another. I’ve never seen a Miss Invertebrate pageant, and confess I am no judge of their cylindrical, non-appendaged beauty. Worm beauty treatments seem a bit far-fetched, but there are some things we wormen can do to feel better about ourselves should we become discouraged.

Encourage yourself in the Word. Receive the Word of God as a personal message from Jesus to you. As the song Beautiful declares: “You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His. You’re beautiful.”

Focus on the eternal. There’s no goodness in any flesh—super-models to maggots (Romans 7:8). Instead of focusing on the outer person, concentrate on beautifying the inner person. Wear things like honor and integrity—virtues that outlast outerwear, including flesh, which will all become worm food should the Lord delay His return.

Spend time with God. If you feel unbeautiful, there's nothing like fellowship with a beautiful God to make you feel special—to give you a radiant countenance and joyful smile that beautifies like nothing else. In His presence we exchange all we are for all He is; and we get to wear a bit of His glory, as well.

Audrey Hepburn knew this secret, "Happy girls are the prettiest." Being in relationship with Jesus makes people happy, and happy girls are pretty girls—not a hollow pretty, but a true, eternal glorious beauty that comes from God.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, if we have to be worms, we might as well be glow worms and light up our world. 

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Lori Wagner is the best-selling author of 15 books, with over 50,000 copies sold. Her works include The Pure Path Series (discipleship/Christian growth for girls), The Briar Hollow Series (historical fiction), and "Holy Intimacy." Her most recent projects include Orbis, a board game, and "Wisdom is a Lady," a small-group resource that includes video teaching sessions.  Lori is a licensed minister, a Purpose Institute Campus Administrator, and serves as the Michigan District Prayer Coordinator for the World Network of Prayer. She has served as the Michigan State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer and is an elected representative in her community for five terms.  
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