Social Media Branding Law 7: Know Your Goals And Measure Your Progress

Social media can be powerful, but for some it can end up being a complete waste of time. That’s why you should never jump into your social media strategy without having some goals, and measuring your progress towards those goals. Remember, being popular on social media can be great fun, but it’s never an end […]

Social Media Branding Law 5: Decide What to Share

Whether you’re branding your company, or yourself as an individual, it’s important to decide the kind of things you’re going to share. It’s also crucial that you decide what NOT to share on social media! Many people think social media sites are all about sharing photographs of what you’re eating – not true! For some, […]

Social Media Branding Law 4: Make the Right First Impression

For many prospective customers, social media could be the first impression of you and your business. Even if they’ve previously visited your website, they might be looking to social media to get more “social proof” of what you’re all about. You want to make sure that their first impression is a good one! Here are […]

Social Media Branding Law 3: Know Your Audience

Although a lot of your social media branding strategy is going to be about attracting the kind of followers and, ultimately, customers that you want to attract, it’s also important to think about what your audience wants. If you can figure out more about their lives, you’ll be able to tweak your brand in a […]

Social Media Branding Law 2: Develop Your Social Media Voice

Branding is not all about your logo, your avatar, your design etc. Although it’s important to think about that, remember that every single thing you choose to post on social media is building your brand! What you post, and the way you post it, is ultimately going to stick in people’s minds more than your […]

Social Media Branding Law 1: Be Consistent

Before you jump into your social media branding strategy you must take a pledge to be consistent! What does it mean to be consistent on social media? It means consistently representing yourself and what you’re about (this includes your design!) It means sticking to some kind of schedule – don’t post twenty times one week […]