What is Life-Long Learning?

Even if you despised school or it was many, many years ago (or both!) you can still enjoy being a lifelong learner! Being a lifelong learner simply means that you choose to continue learning about things and developing new skills all throughout your life–well after you complete your formal education. And there are so many […]

How to Make the Most of Lifelong Learning

Do it for fun Since lifelong learning isn’t graded or scored, there’s no need to make it hard or boring. You can chose whatever piques your fancy right now and learn about it or learn how to do it. It’s not like in school when you had to learn what others told you to learn. […]

Why You Should Be A Lifelong Learner

There are many reasons why being a lifelong learner is smart. Besides making life more interesting and fulfilling, there are benefits to lifelong learning that you probably don’t realize. It’s not about formal education, but rather, learning new information and skills all long your life path. Here are just a few ways lifelong learning can […]

Tips for Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s a darn good thing for humans to have. Being curious keeps us engaged in life and keeps us happier and more fulfilled. It’s also a key component in lifelong learning. Natural curiosity is a trait that should be encouraged, and if you feel you have lost yours […]

How to Make Lifelong Learning a Priority

You may understand why lifelong learning is a great idea, but still wonder how in the world you are going to fit it into your already too busy schedule. I get it. Adding more to your to do list each day might feel overwhelming. But, like physical exercise, continued mental exercise is important for your […]

Perceived Obstacles to Lifelong Learning

It’s a great ambition to be a lifelong learner! But if you get stuck in “want to” mode and never move to action mode, it won’t mean much. You may feel that there are just too many obstacles to learning the things you have always wanted to know how to do, but if you really […]

Easy, Fun Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner

Lifelong learning doesn’t have to mean taking classes on a topic. It can be much more hands on than that, if you want. There are all kinds of ways to learn new things. This is just a short list of ways you can learn for fun.