Biblical Examples of Faith

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There are many examples of faith in the Bible that demonstrate trust and obedience to God.  To trust God is to believe in His integrity, rely on His strength, and to know He is able to help you.  We can use these examples to help us learn how use our faith in God.

Noah was warned by God about the storm that was coming.  Without any evidence, Noah started preparing for the storm.  He started building, and he started storing supplies.  There are times in our lives that we are warned about things to come, and we have a choice to make.  Do we listen to that still small voice and start preparing, or do we ignore it?  We should trust Godís guidance, and He will not lead us wrong.

Abraham was another excellent example of faith and obedience to Godís leading.  He left what was familiar and comfortable and set out on a journey of faith that would lead him to not just a new land but to a land of promise.  He did not know where he was going, but because he felt God's guidance, he went out in faith.  There are times in life when we are called to go to new, unfamiliar places.  It could be a new job, a new state, or a new church, but the key is to know that God is acting in our best interest and would never lead us in the wrong direction.  Trusting God means knowing that He would never lead us to a dry land but instead to a land that is full of promise.  

By faith Sarah conceived as an older woman because she believed that God was faithful to His promise.  This example shows not only the faithfulness of God, but the willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill Godís promise in life.  As a woman of age, carrying a baby to term would have been somewhat awkward.  Sometimes the things God calls us to do are awkward.  They donít always feel great, but the promise that is fulfilled is what we want to receive.  

Abraham had to believe, as well as take action for Godís promise to come to pass.  As time went on, he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief.  He was strengthened in faith, gave glory to God, and was fully convinced that what ìHe had promised He was also able to performî (Romans 4:20-21). 

Can you imagine God giving you a blessing and then asking you to make a sacrifice with the blessing?  That is what happened with Abraham.  God promised them a baby, Sarah conceived and bore Isaac, and then God asked Abraham to make Isaac a sacrifice.  Abrahamís trust and faith in the Lord was a tremendous example for us.  

These are only three of the many examples of faith that are in the Bible.  We can see from these examples how God keeps His promises to those who remain faithful.  We need to stand firm in our beliefs in Godís promises just like Noah, Abraham and Sarah.

Biblical Examples of Faith:  Part Two

The New Testament is filled with biblical examples of faith in Godís promises.  We should explore the scriptures for examples of how Christ's disciples remained faithful in spite of their circumstances because these examples show us how to remain steadfast in our faith in God and His promises. 
One good example of the type of faith we should have in God's Word is in Matthew, Chapter 8, where the centurion soldier asked Jesus to heal his servant.  The interesting part of this example is not that this soldier was fearless enough to approach Jesus, but that he had pure faith in Jesus' ability to supernaturally heal his servant. 

Supernatural healing comes only from God, and it happens because we believe so sincerely that God can and will heal our hurts, diseases, and relationships that we eliminate all doubts and fears.  When we submit ourselves to God's Word, humble ourselves, and seek Him in prayer, that is when God hears, answers and heals us.  We must truly believe that He can reach any situation that we are going through.  We should not dwell on our conditions.  No situation is too difficult or impossible for God to resolve.  We must trust that He would never leave us nor forsake us and that He is always there for us.  

When it looks like we have no other choices that is when we need to turn to the Word of God for examples of how others exercised their faith.  These biblical examples show us how God answered the prayers of those who remained faithful and continued to believe.  If we look to Godís Word, petition Him in prayer, and believe, God will supply our needs.  We have to stand firmly on our faith and not waiver just like believers did back in biblical times.

The centurion had such belief in Jesusí ability to heal his servant that he didnít think that Jesus even needed to take a special trip to his home.  He believed that Jesus could perform the miracle right from where he stood without having to physically touch the servant.  Jesus commended the centurion on his faith, and he noted that he had not seen faith like he possessed in all of Israel. 

Whenever it feels like our faith is beginning to falter, we should always remember the strong faith of the centurion.  His faith was not hindered by fear or distance.  He knew that Jesus possessed supernatural power and was able to heal his servant, and he refused to believe otherwise.  

God has already sent us His Word.  When we start to recognize the power in the Word, speak God's blessings over our lives, and believe God's Word through faith, we will become faith giants.  God is the same today as He was during the time of the centurion, and His supernatural power has not changed.  This means we can experience awesome miracles through faith right now just as they did in biblical times.  


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