A Biblical View of Stewardship

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Money has a strong and major influence in our lives, which is why it shouldn't be startling that Jesus preached more on the matters of finances than on any other individual subject. He preached more about handling our resources well than He did on prayer, or on faith for that matter, which explicates the idea that it's imperative for us to understand how we should manage our money. One of the many reasons why the church has not made a lasting impact on modern society seems to be quite evident: people haven’t successfully applied the Gospel to the issues that surround us every day. Pluralities of people are so busy trying to cope with materialistic concerns that they are not thinking about the interminable. Nevertheless, the Gospel contains a number of truths concerning everyday issues, particularly finances.

Though it is known that money is a sore topic a number of people avoid, getting an understanding of what is God’s viewpoint on finance is fundamental to Christianity. Jesus quoted that if you can’t be faithful concerning your finances, then you can never be trusted for anything else (Luke 16:11 NIV). On the other hand, what the Bible has quoted about financial stewardship stands to be extremely different from what you hear from different business sources that educate you on “asset management”. God does not function by this world’s system, which makes it more significant for us to understand the way God’s financial system works than it is to understand Wall Street operations.

A number of people tend to get affronted when ministers talk about money, particularly when that minister airs on television. The reality is, we all have ample reasons to feel offended. And for this reason a number of people end up being taken advantage of.

Numerous people in the body of Christ are so unapprised in the sphere of finances that people get trapped in manipulation strategies almost every time. For instance, some minister or evangelist on the television says, “Send to me a thousand dollars and all your prayers will be answered,” and people send in sums of money just like that. But the kingdom of God does not work that way; you can never buy God’s favor.

Therefore, yes, manipulation happens in the body of Christ when it comes to the almighty dollar, but don’t think that you can’t benefit from God’s Word concerning money simply because some people are manipulating the use of it. It will be great if you keep any sad mishaps or offenses that you may have gone through in the past, and from this point forward, allow the Word of God to bring financial understanding to you.

All you need to do is fix your heart on and have faith in God’s word. By fixing your heart, you will know the underlying cause of financial situations, and then things will fall in place concerning money. Once you have your heart right, having that little kernel of wisdom on how to use your money in the best way will happen to you spontaneously.

We can easily start grouping our lives into the spiritual kingdom where we connect to God and everyday life where we deal with issues of family, job, finances and virtually everything else that surrounds us. A house divided will not stand for long (Matthew 12:25), and restricting our interaction with God to a couple of Sundays is not going to give us our desired fruits. Our relationship with God needs to be infused into every area of our lives, be it business, marriage, recreation, finances, or relationships.

Finances are crucial, and you will be amazed when you see how following God’s Word will bring healing and peace to other areas of your life, because how you look at money affects more than your mere bank balance. 

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