6 Skills A Social Media Manager Should Have

If you're looking for the perfect person to hire as your social media manager, you may be starting to realize that there are some skills that they simply must have in order to do their job effectively. Here are the 6 most important:

Native speaker with flawless grammar

You can't afford to have your social media manager making basic spelling mistakes on your properties, as that would look extremely unprofessional and potentially have your fans and followers laughing at you instead of taking you seriously. Spend the extra money to get a native English (or whatever language you operate in) speaker – it's worth it.

A master of multiple platforms

A social media manager who only knows Facebook will not be of much use for most businesses. Unless you're absolutely certain you're only going to use one platform, hire a person who will have no issues working on all the other platforms/networks out there.

Knowledge of your industry

This may not always be possible, but consider hiring someone who has some previous experience in your industry as that will make the whole process a lot smoother. They'll be able to connect better with your audience since they know what they like and dislike, and they'll be able to answer basic questions themselves without constantly bothering you with them.

People skills

It may go without saying, but a good social media person is someone who loves interacting with people; someone with heaps of patience and the ability to remain calm even when dealing with the most difficult fans or customers. It's certainly not something everyone is capable of, but it's absolutely crucial in order to keep up the reputation of your brand.

Willingness to learn new things

Social media is always evolving, sometimes at a speed that's difficult to keep up with. That is, however, part of the job for a social media manager. If they're not willing to stay updated with the latest trends, they're not going to be very useful in the long term. Ideally they are passionate enough about social media to consider it an interest, meaning they'll spend time outside work hours updating themselves with the latest news.

Complementary skills

If possible, look for a person who's not just skilled in all the social media stuff, but who can also easily handle related tasks like editing pictures and videos – these are skills that can be very helpful for a social media manager.


These were just some of the most important skills and traits a good social media manager should have. You can probably think of many more that are important to your particular situation.

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