5 Reasons to Market Your Business on Twitter



When the biggest companies in the world are doing it, there has got to be something to it, right?

With its 250 million regular users, Twitter has changed the dynamics of interaction between individuals and the companies whose products and services they buy and use. Even companies that spend millions on international marketing campaigns and employ full-time PR departments have discovered that Twitter is one of the best tools available to get their message out to their clientele, and to listen to what they are saying.

Here are 5 Reasons to Market Your Business on Twitter if you aren’t already doing so.

Firstly, Twitter is 100% free.

The main limiting factor in most advertising plans is the budget. In traditional forms of media, the time and/or space that your advertising will be available for you to get your message out to potential and existing customers is determined by the amount of money you choose to spend. Time of day, period of the week, and festive seasons see advertising prices skyrocket.
With Twitter, you can choose to tweet as often as you want, and at whichever time you want. Your message goes straight to the customer – there is no need to buy ridiculously costly ad space. All this happens for the very low price of – free!

Secondly, you can better understand your customer – and potential customer – base with Twitter Analaytics.

Twitter offers its users a comprehensive range of audience analysis and metrics tools. One of the most handy tools it offers is a list of which other tweeters your followers follow. Followers are also defined by gender and location. There are statistics on the interests that individual followers have listed on their accounts. Basically, Twitter Analytics gives you a goldmine of information that is invaluable in real-world marketing.
Together, these datasets will allow a business to better hone its direction, voice and products and/or services to cater to the needs of its clientele.

Thirdly, Twitter allows you to establish a personal relationship with your customers.

There is a distinct difference I receiving an automated … "We have received your message" and "will get back to you as soon as possible" message and getting a live tweet from an actual person from the company with which you want to interact. Twitter allows you to market your business as a personal relationship between you and the customer by taking away the middle man (or machine).

Fourthly, Twitter is live – messages don’t go out faster than this.

Advertising and publicizing offers, deals and promotions no longer has to be planned very much in advance, freeing you to do what you do best –selling.
Another appealing advantage of the live nature of Twitter is that it allows companies to address customer complaints immediately, instead of letting them fester. If a customer tweets a negative review or experience, it is an opportunity to show all your other followers that you are listening to them and interested in resolving any shortcomings as quickly as possible.

Last, but certainly not least, Twitter allows you to become your own brand.

Not everyone has the sheer power of names like General Motors or Adidas. For smaller businesses, the relationship with the customer is built on the assurance that a familiar face is on the other side of the counter (in this case, the screen).
Building yourself up as the epitome of what your business stands for is critical in showcasing your dedication and the expertise that you bring to the table, and why customers will choose your products and services instead of those of your competitors.

Like any social media tool, knowing how and when will come with a bit of practice. The key is to be honest in your interactions and you can't go wrong.

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