5 Clever Ways To Market Your Product On Twitter


Twitter can undoubtedly be described as a marketing powerhouse. If you do not how to market your product on Twitter, you are missing out a great opportunity and smart marketers have always been making use of the amazing potential of this social media platform to stay ahead of the competitors. At the same time; a wrong method of approach is not going to deliver the expected results and you need to adopt the right methodology to tap the amazing potential of Twitter. Here are the 5 clever ways to market your product on Twitter:

1. Increase the number of your Twitter followers to get real leads

You may have a superior marketing content that offers real value to the customers. What would happen if you have only a few followers? Achieving the expected results becomes an impossible task. You need to expand your following and when the number of followers increases, your product visibility improves significantly. Attraction marketing is the best method to be employed in Twitter and it always generates high quality leads. Publishing a direct sales pitch while posting on your account does not work and it is always advisable to be helpful towards the prospects. In order to improve the following, you can initiate conversations, join discussions and start engaging with other members and, other effective options include answering the questions and responding to the feedback of the people as well. 

2. Identify your niche and conduct research to find out what people really want to know

On Twitter, you can find everything; different niches, different types of discussions and many more. You need to follow the area that goes in complete harmony with their business requirements and that is exactly where the importance of defining your niche comes in. You have to follow or join discussions with people who are within your industry. Once you identify your niche, you must do some research to discover the keywords that go well with your niche and research should also be done to identify what really people want to know and what really interest them.

3. Offer a solution

If you want to promote your product on Twitter, you have to provide convincing solutions to the questions and concerns of your prospects. When you become helpful, you win the trust of the people and it also helps you attract a lot of people. You have to establish your presence and providing answers to the questions, comments and discussions that are in line with the product you are selling certainly improves your reputation. 

4. Provide value

Starting from your Twitter account name to the tweets that you post, you have to present yourself as a value provider. For example; if you are marketing a dandruff shampoo, people should always be looking to you to learn about hair loss, dandruff and other related problems. Consistently adding current news, links and advice on dandruff makes you an authority in your niche and over a period of time, more and more people will become attentive your opinions.

5. Avert dry feeds 

You can make anything that you post on your blog or site into a tweet using the feature known as automated tweets. It is highly effective if can use it properly. You should not post links without writing an original line to accompany the link because posting links directly creates an impression that you are simply pushing promotions and content for your site. When you create tweets with personality, people easily connect with your Twitter posts. 


It can be said without an iota of doubt that Twitter is a highly beneficial social marketing platform and when you follow these 5 tips, your product promotion journey on Twitter becomes enjoyable and result oriented as well.  


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