11 Tips for Turning Twitter Into An Internet Marketing Tool


The little blue bird embraces a lot of promise to your business when used in the right way. Twitter is a prime social media platform with about 35 percent of all global internet users and more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute. That makes Twitter a potential powerful marketing tool. Numerous Twitter experts, successful business leaders and marketing professionals have utilized Twitter to market their products, services and brands.

How can you turn Twitter into an exceptional marketing tool? Well, here are 11 tips on how to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool.

1. Enhance your Twitter bio. Your company voice and identity should be well branded. What does that mean? It implies having a bio that informs the audience who you are as well as comprises a link to your organization’s website. Moreover, you should have a uniform tone for potential customers to clearly comprehend your identity as well as what you do.

2. Regularly interact with targets and influence in your target field. Twitter search, Followerwonk or Topsy could come in handy to find like-minded customers, influence, media and prospects by searching keywords related to your industry. Following and regularly interacting with them establishes a concrete relationship that provides collaboration opportunities.

3. Tweet regularly. Regular tweeting (on a daily basis) is a sign of a healthy, active profile. The more you tweet useful and relevant content, the more the likelihood your followers will read, retweet or visit the external links to your company’s website.

4. Retweet your followers’ or favorite tweets. Retweeting links and cements you with clients. Favoring tweets can earn you potential partners or customers’ attention quicker than a mention or a retweet.

5. Involve colleagues and co-workers. Ensure that your coworkers follow and engage with you on Twitter. Internal support is significant in building a brand.

6. Track keywords and brand mentions. You want to know what people say about your company, don’t you? Moreover, respond professionally and politely to keywords and brand mentions. Most clients post their complaints and queries on Twitter. Monitor conversations and join them when appropriate. For instance, when someone post “My car has broken down and can’t get a quick mechanic around San Diego,” you could join the conversation and tweet “We're around San Diego and love to repair your car.”

7. Follow trends. Monitor trending hashtags, topics and develop a way to build a pertinent bond to your brand. Tagging your company’s posts with relevant trending hashtags helps your brand reach new users.

8. Offer special deals or discounts to Twitter followers. Conduct Twitter contests, for example, have followers post images of themselves using your company’s product and give them shopping vouchers.

9. Get Visual. The use of images, videos or other rich media drives more clicks, views and shares that plain-text tweets on Twitter.

10. Employ promoted tweets. Target your traffic with non-spam promoted tweets to exactly define your target audience. This could save you time and money. Besides, it delivers value that initiates credibility and trust among your audience.

11. Integrate Twitter with other marketing tools. All social media platforms are more effective when incorporated with other marketing efforts. For instance, integrating Twitter into your newsletters can help tap subscribers into your Twitter content.

It seems you have been missing a lot, right? The above tips prove Twitter to be an outstanding internet marketing tool that can substantially help expand your business and brand. It's the high time you apply some of them. 


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