What's the "secret" behind powerful blogs and online success?

A lot goes into a successful online presence, but one thing usually shines above the rest … content!

Why would anyone go to a blog if they didn't enjoy the content? 

Quality content is important for every website, business owner and/or online entrepreneur. If you can't write then you are forced to outsource your content creation. Sure you can go out and get a non-english speaking person to bang out articles for pennies. 

If you want truly great writing, you will have to be willing to pay premium. You will have to pay legit market value for good writers, and it isn't cheap!

You might be asking – are these the ONLY options?

No…there is one other…

You can write it yourself. Before you laugh that off as an impossibility – check out!


As you can see this guide is packed with info that can help take you from a total newbie to content creation.