Social Influence – Lesson 4

Visit Social Media Big Dog Monitoring your social media accounts. Most entrepreneurs who use social media are mainly interested in cranking out as much content as possible and getting ‘eyeballs’ on it. Smart ones know that social networking is not a one-way street, but a means of building relationships with your target audience. That is […]

5 Reasons to Market Your Business on Twitter

  When the biggest companies in the world are doing it, there has got to be something to it, right? With its 250 million regular users, Twitter has changed the dynamics of interaction between individuals and the companies whose products and services they buy and use. Even companies that spend millions on international marketing campaigns […]

5 Reasons To Use Twitter For Internet Marketing 

If you are not using twitter in your internet marketing strategy, then it is apparent that you donít know that you can reap numerous benefits from this incredibly valuable internet marketing tool that can potentially make your online business a huge success.  Here are 5 reasons to use Twitter for internet marketing that will most […]

How to Find Your Targeted Market on Twitter

Social media marketing has revolutionized the concept of marketing in many aspects including target market identification, specificity of the message itself and the ability to obtain instant feedback. Twitter is one such online platform that allows for marketing by targeting the social media users who interact and communicate via the platform. A good marketing idea […]

What Is Twitter and How You Can Use It

“What is Twitter and how can you use it?” You most likely are asking this question and that’s why you are reading this. Despite it having being around for many years and growing in popularity, many people still don’t know what Twitter really is. Some who do only know the basic minimum. Due to not […]