You Can’t Take That Away From Me!

Chipper met us at the dining room door for treats almost every day. My children delighted in feeding the fat little fur-ball. Several times I caught my one-year-old son “holding hands” with the red squirrel through the glass door wall—as Chipper’s little paw reached inward and Charles’ pudgy toddler hand pressed against the glass.   […]

Celebrate Wormanhood

All men are worms (Job 25:6). It’s a lowly station, but there’s no denying this scriptural classification includes you and me. With that in mind, ladies, for the duration of this article, we shall call ourselves wormen, a linguistic blend of women and worm, as we examine lessons from the sisterhood of wiggling worms. LESSON 1: You […]

Something New Under the “Son”

You may have heard the saying, "there's nothing new under the sun." I have news for you . . . God is still doing new things! (Isaiah 43:19)  It's a new season, and it's planting season! If we will take the time to prepare the soil of our hearts, there is no telling what will spring forth in our […]

Choose Ye This Choice

Some people don’t like to make decisions. Just waiting for them to order in a restaurant can be a test of patience. Others make snap judgments—quick commitments they don’t follow through with. At different times, perhaps, we fall into both of these categories, but taking the middle-of-the-road approach is usually the better choice. Of course, […]

Healing in Your Land

I was asked by a respected leader to "read carefully and prayerfully" 2 Chronicles 7:14-15. I meditated on the passage for a couple of days, and thought I would share my thoughts with you. I hope you are encouraged as you read.  THE BACKDROP Solomon and the Israelites just spent seven days dedicating the new temple with […]

The Bare Necessities of Life: Friends and Chocolate, Part 2

A friend is defined as someone you know and trust, someone you have affection for and who provides cooperation or assistance. The Latin, Greek and English histories of the word all go back to the word love. To be a friend is to love. Applying this to Proverbs 18:24, we could read the verse “A […]

The Bare Necessities of Life: Friends and Chocolate, Part 1

So many of us lead hectic lives. It just seems to be the way the world is spinning these days. And when life gets crazy, we often have difficulty developing and maintaining close friendships.  This is dangerous, ladies. Neglecting your inherent need to socialize could be harmful to your health . . . almost as damaging as […]

Pickled in His Presence

What difference does a prayer make? Your prayer? One of the greatest differences a prayer can make is the difference it makes in the one who prays it.  Can we impact our world for Jesus if we haven't invited Jesus to impact our lives? To change us? To be more like Him? To be healed and whole so we can […]

Fireflies, Glow Worms & Smudged Jelly Jars

Ruminating. That's what I've been doing all day. Thinking about the concept "Message in a Bottle." We . . . are like fragile . . . jars . . . containing . . . great treasure [2 Corinthians 4:7 NLT], is preceded in Scripture with these words from verse 6 identifying the treasure: For God […]

Oh, my Darlin’, Valentine

Lori Wagner Cards. Candies. Flowers. Sure! Bring them on! Let’s celebrate love. Love is, after all, the greatest virtue.  As February 14 approaches and we prepare to remember the special ones in our lives — somewhere between the cherubs and chocolates let’s take a moment to look at the obscure yet fascinating beginnings of what […]