Reputation Management: The Basics

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here Once you’ve spent a lot of time building a brand for yourself, it’s very important to make sure you also put the time in to ensure that brand has a good reputation in the eyes of the public. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems […]

Practical Considerations for Any Logo

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here When you create a logo for your company, it’s important to think about how that logo is going to represent what you do and how it is going to evoke the spirit and ideals of your business. This is why it’s so important to have a ‘mission […]

Social Media Branding Law 7: Know Your Goals And Measure Your Progress

Social media can be powerful, but for some it can end up being a complete waste of time. That’s why you should never jump into your social media strategy without having some goals, and measuring your progress towards those goals. Remember, being popular on social media can be great fun, but it’s never an end […]

Do You Need Multiple Brands?

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here Let’s say you’ve created an app that’s going to change the world. This app allows any smartphone to create a cup of tea out of thin air (just go with it). The app is called ‘SmartTea’. Meanwhile, you also have other apps and you have your own […]

Why Your Mission Statement Is A Crucial Component Of Your Brand

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here If you want to create a strong brand that can inspire your customers and your staff alike and that has the potential to grow to massive heights, what is the first place you should start? A lot of people will be thinking ‘logo’. Actually though, this is […]

Practical Considerations For Your Business Name

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here Have you chosen your business name yet? Well don’t get too attached! This is not a decision to be taken lightly and while you may have picked something that you like the sounds of, that accurately describes the nature of your business and that other people have […]

Brand Under the Microscope: Microsoft

Download The Power Of Branding – eGuide Here When you think of great branding, you’re much more likely to think of Apple than Microsoft. Actually though, Microsoft has done a lot right with its branding over the years and has recently seen a very impressive turn in its reputation. What’s more, is that we can […]

Social Media Branding Law 5: Decide What to Share

Whether you’re branding your company, or yourself as an individual, it’s important to decide the kind of things you’re going to share. It’s also crucial that you decide what NOT to share on social media! Many people think social media sites are all about sharing photographs of what you’re eating – not true! For some, […]