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The practice of using herbs, plants, trees and flowers as medicine is as old as human history itself. In Southeast Asia certain herbs and plants have been used for more than 6,000 years to treat mental and physical conditions.

Chinese herbal remedies treat the whole body to maintain a healthy balance of life. This practice goes back thousands of years.

The ancient Greeks used herbs for medicinal purposes. Egyptian history shows the use of chamomile, lavender and thyme for mummification so that the deceased could pass on to the next life with optimal health. The Egyptians also used those herbs and others as medicines.

Bark, seeds, flowers, leaves and stems have been used to draw out the “essence” of a plant, herb or tree for centuries. However, you might be thinking, “That is great, but …”

“… What Can I Treat with Essential Oils?”

You may already be familiar with on essential oil, tea tree oil or Melaleuca. This powerful oil promotes a healthy immune system, soothes minor skin irritations and promotes a clear, healthy complexion.

Here is another versatile essential oil – lavender oil.

The versatile lavender essential oil is a “whole body” oil benefiting literally dozens of mental and physical conditions. It is used for…

  • calming and relaxing qualities
  • soothing occasional skin irritations
  • supporting skin rejuvenation and healing
  • easing muscle tension

Lemongrass oil is excellent for purifying and toning the skin. Heightening awareness, and supporting digestion. And these are just a few of the oils available for health and wellness. Modern practitioners have access to over 100 essential oils and blends using them every day to support a natural, healthy lifestyle for family and pets.

And you can join them as you learn how to safely use essential oils when you claim your copy of “The Essentialist’s Handbook – A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils”.


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