Oregano essential oil is often used to serve optimal bodily functions. Oregano oil is a “hot” oil that offers a number of health benefits. For instance, the oil possesses high antioxidant content that helps protect against free radicals within the body.

Oregano also offers serious support for digestive issues and helps strengthen respiratory function. The oil combats harmful environmental elements and seasonal threats. The oil’s strong purifying and cleansing properties, along with its natural ability to fortify your body’s defenses, make it one powerful agent to have on hand during the winter months.


To cleanse and purify surfaces, add 3-4 drops oregano to a spray bottle then fill the rest with distilled water. Shake well and use as needed.

For throat soreness, put 1-2 drops in a glass of water and gargle. Substitute a drop into any recipe that calls for oregano. You can also use oregano to fortify the immune system. Dilute with a carrier oil and massage into the body’s reflex points or take a drop internally each day.

General Methods of Application
Apply diluted. Aromatically. Topically. Internally.

Those with sensitive skin should dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, and other sensitive areas with the oil. People who are nursing, pregnant, or are receiving medical attention should consult their physician before use. Additionally, make sure to store the oil away from children.

Blend Recipe: Immune Support Capsule or Massage

5 drops Melissa Essential Oil
10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
15 drops Oregano Essential Oil
15 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
15 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
20 drops Clove Bud Essential Oil
30 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
1:1 Coconut Oil (when used externally, dilute)

You can use this blend either for immune support externally, internally, or aromatically.
For internal use, add all oils to a 15 mL glass bottle and shake well. Each day after every meal, place 14 drops in a ?00? gel capsule and take orally. You can take a single capsule up to three times a day.

For external use, mix 3-5 drops with a carrier oil and massage into the reflex points of the feet.

For aromatic use, diffuse 6-8 drops throughout the home.



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