Myrrh essential oil soothes the skin; promotes a smooth, youthful-looking complexion. Frequently used by the ancients for embalming and religious rituals, myrrh oil offers a number of health benefits.

Myrrh oil possesses natural cleansing properties that help protect against oral decay. In fact, the oil can serve oral health and relieve throat soreness. Myrrh promotes healthier, younger-looking skin by cleansing it and soothing irritations.
The oil’s strong cleansing properties, along with its natural ability to strengthen emotional balance, make it one powerful agent to have on hand when you need to put on a happy and radiant face ? and smile.

Myrrh can cleanse the mouth. To do so, place a couple drops on your toothbrush before adding paste and use as normal. When you combine 1-2 drops myrrh with a small amount of honey and ¨ cup water, you can use the blend to relieve the occasional stomach upset.
Or, consider using myrrh to uplift the mood and promote awareness by diffusing the oil throughout the room. You can also support skin with myrrh by adding 1-2 drops to a moisturizer or lotion.

To cleanse the mouth, add 1-2 drops myrrh to your toothbrush and then apply your toothpaste. Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day.

For emotional health, diffuse throughout the home. You can also blend a couple drops myrrh with  cup water and  tsp honey. Take internally to soothe upset stomach. Lastly, you can apply myrrh topically to support skin health. Simply rub 1-2 drops softly over the affected area.

General Methods of Application

Apply NEAT. Aromatically. Internally. Topically.

Those with sensitive skin should dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, and other sensitive areas with the oil. People who are nursing, pregnant, or are receiving medical attention should consult their physician before use. Additionally, make sure to store the oil away from children.

Blend Recipe: Itchy Foot Relief

2 ounces Carrier Oil
6 drops Thyme Essential Oil
6 drops Myrrh Essential Oil
8 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

To relieve occasional itchy feet caused by excess sweat and contamination, blend all ingredients in a small glass container until well combined. Apply 2-3 drops of the blend to the area of concern. Apply two times daily, or as needed. Use consistently and continue two weeks after the issue clears. Store the remainder in a cool, dry place.



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