Do you wish you had more energy and a brighter attitude? Lime essential oil affects mood with stimulating and refreshing properties.

For instance, the oil possesses natural supportive properties when it comes to the immune system. In fact, lime oil can be used aromatically, internally, or topically to fortify the immune system against environmental factors.
The oil refreshes and stimulates the mood and mind, promoting balance and overall wellness. The oil’s strong collective properties, along with its natural ability to uplift, make it one powerful agent to have on hand when you’re in need of an immune or mental stimulant.


To give the mood a pick-me-up, add 3-4 drops lime oil to your diffuser. Sit back and inhale deeply. You can also use lime to clean tough grease or residue from stickers by applying a few drops to a cotton pad and giving it some elbow grease.
For flavoring and internal support, put 1-2 drops into your drinking water and ingest. You can also use lime to promote hair and skin health by placing 1-2 drops in your daily portion of shampoo or facial cleanser.

General Methods of Application
Apply NEAT. Aromatically. Topically.


Those with sensitive skin should dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, and other sensitive areas with the oil. People who are nursing, pregnant, or are receiving medical attention should consult their physician before use. Additionally, make sure to store the oil away from children. This oil is photosensitive; avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after applied topically.

Blend Recipe: Limey Hand Sanitizer
Distilled Water
2 Tbsps Aloe Vera Gel
12 drops Lavender Essential Oil
8 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Lime Essential Oil
8-10 drops Vitamin E Oil (optional)

For a citrusy scented hand sanitizer, combine all ingredients in a glass bottle or container. Fill the remainder with distilled water. Shake vigorously to mix (do this before each use). Apply as needed, rubbing into your hands.



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