Gluten Free Recipe Ideas

It may initially seem challenging to eliminate gluten from your diet, especially when it is realized how many foods contain these grains as a secondary ingredient. With patience, you will realize there is a whole world of food options free from gluten. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Quinoa may be one of the most versatile new ingredients you discover on your gluten-free journey. It cooks faster than rice and is a complete protein source. This makes it ideal for vegetarians and those following a vegan diet.

Quinoa can be made into a single-dish, one-pot meal, ideal for lunch or supper, or it can be transformed into a delicious hot breakfast cereal. As well, quinoa flakes can be used to make delectable brownies and wonderful desserts.

Tex-Mex Quinoa

1 Cup Quinoa

2 TBS Olive Oil

2 cloves minced garlic

1 ½ cups vegetable broth

1 can rinsed black beans

1 cup corn

1 can diced tomatoes

Add cumin, salt, pepper to taste. Put all ingredients into a pot for one hour. Some people prefer to rinse all of the “yellow” off of their quinoa prior to bringing to a boil as they say it ends up tasting less bitter. You can experiment and see if it makes much of a taste difference to you. This is a great recipe for busy nights when you have to run the kids to soccer practice right after school or have a busy evening planned. The leftovers make a delicious cold salad for lunch the next day. Low in fat and high in protein and fiber…what more could you want?!

For a delicious hot breakfast option try preparing quinoa with water like normal. Next, simmer with coconut milk, raisins, cranberries, a dash of nutmeg and allspice and a couple of petals of Star of Anise. This is hearty, satisfying and very tasty.


Making your own smoothies is an excellent choice on those busy mornings when you can’t sit down for breakfast. They are also ideal post workout or as a snack in between regular meals. Simply throw some milk, pineapple juice, almond milk or orange juice into your blender, add some crushed ice, some organic fruit and hit the button! You can thicken your shake up with yogurt, a banana or certain protein powders. Enjoy experimenting.

Quesadillas & Enchiladas

Corn tortillas can be your new best friend. Be sure to read the label, although there are plenty of gluten-free brands available. Make your own quesadillas with some cubed chicken breast or leftover steak and broil some cheese on top. Using fresh or plain spices can do wonders for your taste buds. Be careful on premade mixed spices and always check the label first as some of them contain fillers that may contain gluten or be a source of cross contamination.


Rice Cakes

Rice cakes come in an amazing variety these days. You can practically buy any flavor potato chip as a rice cake or rice cracker. Cheddar cheese, BBQ, and Savory Tomato and Basil are just a few popular choices. For extra protein, try adding some Almond or Cashew Butter onto a plain rice cake.

Kale Chips

There are many recipes for Homemade Kale Chips on the internet. Basically, you want to lightly toss ripped up pieces of kale in some olive oil or grapeseed oil and season. Garlic, salt, pepper and dill are some great options. Then you bake the seasoned kale on a cookie sheet until it turns crispy like sushi seaweed. Be careful not to use too much oil or you will end up with a gloppy mess.

Take Enjoyment in Your Improved Health

Network with others on gluten-free diets for inspiration. Embrace your time in the kitchen as an adventure and a new chapter in your health.




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