Breathing is a problem for many people. Any number of illnesses or disorders make taking in oxygen a chore.

Cypress oil will open up your airways, enabling a much more restful sleep. Regularly utilized in massage therapy, cypress oil provides a fresh, clean scent, alongside a number of health benefits.

For instance, the oil offers natural tension-relieving properties that help soothe muscles and joints. Cypress supports a healthy respiratory tract and clear breathing, while promoting skin health.

Additionally, the oil promotes localized blood flow, which supports the body’s circulation. Cypress oil’s effective properties, along with its natural ability to soothe and calm, make it one powerful agent to have on hand when you’re in need of balancing and mental grounding.


To support proper breathing and respiratory health, add 3-4 drops cypress to a carrier oil then apply over the chest. For muscle and joint discomfort, apply topically, massaging over the area of concern.

For throat discomfort, inhale, diffuse, or gargle with cypress (make sure to spit out!). You can also use cypress to firm up and tone the skin by combining it with grapefruit essential oil and a carrier oil and applying topically. Lastly, you can apply cypress topically on its own to support general skin health. Simply rub 1-2 drops softly over the affected area.

General Methods of Application

Apply NEAT. Aromatically. Topically.


Those with sensitive skin should dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, and other sensitive areas with the oil. People who are nursing, pregnant, or are receiving medical attention should consult their physician before use. Additionally, make sure to store the oil away from children.

Blend Recipe: Circulation Support

1 ounce Coconut Oil
4 drops Cypress Essential Oil
2 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
2 drops Cilantro Essential Oil

To help regulate healthy blood circulation, blend all ingredients in a small glass jar until well combined. Apply a small amount to the reflex points and the ankles, stroking towards the heart. Store the remainder in a cool, dry place.



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