Cinnamon Bark

Do you prefer to use natural solutions for cleaning products? Maybe not, yet, but it’s a consideration.

Most consumer cleaning products are full of highly toxic chemicals. There are simpler, and safer cleaning solutions. Consider cinnamon bark essential oil for your cleansing needs.

Frequently used for culinary purposes, especially in baking or hot drinks, cinnamon bark offers a number of health benefits and is one of the more versatile oils. For instance, the oil possesses high levels of cinnamaldehyde that help protect the immune system.

In fact, cinnamon bark has long been used for its internal benefits, like its ability to stimulate healthy circulation. The oil helps to relieve occasional sore muscles and joints, while also serving as a strong cleanser that combats bacterial threats.

The oils strong purifying and cleansing properties also extend to oral health and, along with its natural ability to boost the immune system, these components make cinnamon bark one powerful agent to have on hand at nearly any turn.


To cleanse and purify surfaces, add 3-4 drops cinnamon to a spray bottle then fill the rest with distilled water. Shake well and use as needed.

Add a drop to your toothbrush before the paste to supplement oral health. For immune system health, put 2 drops of cinnamon in a veggie capsule and take internally. You can also use cinnamon bark to soothe your throat by adding a drop to hot tea. Lastly, you can dilute cinnamon and apply it topically to support sore muscles and joints. Simply rub softly over the affected area.

General Methods of Application

Apply diluted. Aromatically. Topically. Internally


Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Avoid touching the eyes, ears, and other sensitive areas with the oil. People who are nursing, pregnant, or are receiving medical attention should consult their physician before use. Additionally, make sure to store the oil away from children.

Blend Recipe: Immune Supportive Massage Blend

5 drops Melissa Essential Oil
10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
15 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
15 drops Oregano Essential Oil
15 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
20 drops Clove Bud Essential Oil
30 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
6 mL Coconut Oil

For an immune boosting massage blend, combine all ingredients in a small glass jar. Blend well and apply topically, as needed. Massage into the body?s reflex points whenever your immune system is weak.



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