You Can’t Be Creative And Critical At The Same Time

“You can’t be creative and critical at the same time.” – Author Jean Hagar Writing is creative (right brain) work. When you write, just write. Don’t worry about punctuation, sentence structure, or grammar. Let creativity flow. A lot of writers stop here. They feel passionate about what they write. So they assume that it is anointed, […]

Comma Sense

  The comma is the most used and misused punctuation mark in the English language. The rules for comma usage often include these frustrating words—almost always. Chicago Manual of Style devotes fifteen pages of small font, single-spaced text to rules and exceptions for comma usage. Line by Line How to Improve Your Own Writing devotes […]

Building Bridges In Writing

  How many bridges do you cross in an average day? If the bridges were destroyed, how would your route to work change? Could you even drive to work? Bridges are an important part of our world. But they are seldom noticed, unless they collapse. A transition is a bridge that moves the reader from […]

Abused Apostrophes

Recently, a Mallard Fillmore comic strip covered the subject of abused apostrophes. “An epidemic’s on the loose: chronic apostrophe abuse . . . Apostrophes do not belong on every word that ends in ‘s’! That’s just an apostrophic mess! “Apostrophes are, without doubt, used when you leave a letter out . . . or, if […]

The Matter Of Comparison In Writing

“The change will make the situation more worse than in the past,” the news reporter said. If that reporter’s secondary school English teacher heard that statement, I’m sure he shuddered. Did you? If not, keep reading. This E-Tip is for you. Making comparisons is simple. Right? At least, it is simpler than conjugating verbs. Or […]