Pickled in His Presence

What difference does a prayer make? Your prayer? One of the greatest differences a prayer can make is the difference it makes in the one who prays it.  Can we impact our world for Jesus if we haven't invited Jesus to impact our lives? To change us? To be more like Him? To be healed and whole so we can […]

Fireflies, Glow Worms & Smudged Jelly Jars

Ruminating. That's what I've been doing all day. Thinking about the concept "Message in a Bottle." We . . . are like fragile . . . jars . . . containing . . . great treasure [2 Corinthians 4:7 NLT], is preceded in Scripture with these words from verse 6 identifying the treasure: For God […]

Meet Modesty, a Long Lost Friend

Let me introduce you to a long lost friend. Once you get to know her, I hope you will come to love her as much as I do—and that’s a big bunch of love! You see, this special character looks out for the interests of others. She promotes feelings of unity and team building. Blessings […]

Oh, my Darlin’, Valentine

Lori Wagner Cards. Candies. Flowers. Sure! Bring them on! Let’s celebrate love. Love is, after all, the greatest virtue.  As February 14 approaches and we prepare to remember the special ones in our lives — somewhere between the cherubs and chocolates let’s take a moment to look at the obscure yet fascinating beginnings of what […]

Unlocking the Gate to the Path of Peace

By Lori Wagner If you are looking for more peace in your life, in your home, in your heart, there is one sure-fire way to get it. God has given us the key that unlocks the gate to the path of peace. The KJV puts it this way: “Great peace have they which love thy law: […]

Dwelling With God In The Secret Place

  The secret place of the Most High is a singular location—as unique as a snowflake or fingerprint. It is a place of intimacy exclusive to each individual—a place each soul shares communion with God. Discovering Holy Intimacy The Tabernacle of Moses reveals a spiritual path that leads to this mystical destination. In Old Testament […]

Lady Ministers And Ministerial Licensing

By Lori Wagner I don’t know where you’ve come from, or where you are right now, but I want to encourage you today that God desires to use you in ministry! There is no doubt each one of us has been called to ministry; but a key question is this: does a call on a person’s life […]

Reflecting Holiness in a Darkened World

By Lori Wagner When spiritual perception is distorted like a reflection in a funhouse mirror, the resulting confusion can create an unstable and sometimes crippling mindset. Dizzy in my personal cycle of blunders and bloopers, I’ve wondered if holiness is an unrealistic ideal. Is it reasonable for a perfect God to demand holiness when He knows […]

5 Keys to Clutter Control

By Lori Wagner True confession. I am susceptible to cluttering – not just my home, but cluttering my life with busyness and never ending to-do lists, all with every good intention, of course. Clutter affects me emotionally and spiritually. I can ignore it for a while, but not for long. I simply think better and feel […]

women in the church today

The Importance Of Women In The Church

The Creator’s View of Women by Jim Poitras The creation story depicts Adam and Eve, the first husband and wife, as partners. They were created in the image of God and given dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:27-28). Man was created first and served in a leadership role in the family. The woman was his […]