Another Better Than She

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page They had celebrated long and hard.  For six months, Artaxerxes had wined and dined his Persian princes, glorying in the greatness of their world-dominating strength.  Now, at the close of that festival, he had begun yet another party for all those that lived at the great palace in Susa.  […]

The Enemy Of Best

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page It is said that, “the good is often the enemy of the best.”  While this may be a mundane proverb, it may also, in fact, be scriptural.  Joash, one of the kings of Israel, demonstrated this very attitude at a crucial time of his reign.  While he may not […]

Back To The Basics

“And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved” (Acts 2:47). Many books have been written and seminars taught to teach various methods used in bringing about church growth.  It would be good for us to understand, we cannot cause the church to grow.  We can witness, conduct evangelism, pray, fast, […]


Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page What a shocking day it was!  It was surely a day to remember.  Jesus of Nazareth had come to Jerusalem, walked into the Temple, and had begun to chase out those that sold and bought sacrifices.  He turned over the tables of the ones known as “moneychangers,” the ones who […]