Near And Dear To God

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page Revival and harvest are just simply too important to the Lord to take lightly.  Having church related programs is not what we are really after.  Equipping the saints, and helping them step into needful and appropriate ministries is what will guarantee great church growth.  There’s no substitute for revival, […]

Gifts And Talents – 6 Considerations

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page 1. Wants And Needs The first thing we should understand is that God will provide what we need, not necessarily what we want.  Until we, as Paul exhorted in Philippians 2:5, let the mind of Christ be in us, we will continue to spiritually flounder, only hoping for a […]

Gifts And Talents

 Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page  But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.”   – Ephesians 4:7 Grace To All David A. Womack, in his excellent book, Breaking The Stained-Glass Barrier (Harper & Row, New York, 1973) states on page 7 concerning Ephesus, “Paul established a […]

Ready To Build

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page It always seems to amaze the passersby of large skyscraper building projects in our larger cities.  They watch for weeks and even months as the initial work of the project is directed downward instead of up.  Some of them wonder whether or not the building will ever come up […]

4 Criteria For The Nucleus

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page Senior church leadership must have something that they can use in the determination of who is in fact with them in the nucleus.  We have already seen that we can follow the first two principles of casting the vision and equipping the saints to see who becomes part of […]

The Nucleus Concept

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his.  And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.  But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood […]

Seven Points Of Equipping

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page   The Mandate There is, of course, a scriptural foundation for this equipping.  We are told to go everywhere and teach everyone (Mark 16:15).  While it is a well known and often preached principle, if left alone, it can lead to frustrated believers.  Members of the body of Christ […]

What Jesus Has Done To Us

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page Shortly before His arrest and terrible crucifixion, Jesus assembled His disciples together (even Judas Iscariot was there) and the Master girded Himself with a towel, bent low and washed the feet of each one of them.  Upon finishing, Jesus asked them a poignant question, “Know ye what I have […]

Equipping The Saints

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page There can be no doubt at all that the key to sustainable church growth is equipping the membership in evangelism principles.  This key is the one particular thing that guarantees sustained growth, no matter the conditions in which it operates.  When this key is discovered and then properly used, […]

 Burden, Vision, And Reality

Visit The Apostolic DNA Web Page Perhaps a good way of summing up this chapter on the necessity of a God-given vision is in understanding the three terms above.  Someone asked recently concerning the difference between burden and reality.  Are they the same?  There is little doubt that a real vision starts with a real […]